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Events and projects big and small

All CrumlicMedia projects are bespoke collaborations. CrumlicMedia specializes in producing video, photos and web sites for the arts and including galleries, painters, sculptors, dancers, singers and theater. CrumlicMedia’s reputation for portraying works in their most effective form while maintaining a sensitivity to the artist's intent is unrivaled. The videography team will discuss goals for each project ahead of time, with research and careful planning of prepared interview questions to be sure each client’s unique needs are met.

Creating your video

We guide you throughout the process

Talk about your project
We brainstorm & write
We schedule and shoot
Editing and production
Deliver the polished result

Recent Projects
Nick Paciorek Crewscapes series
Inspiration in the Trees - The Fine Art of John Napoli
Artist Michael Lam – Process



CrumlicMedia has had the privilege of serving clients throughout the arts, education, journalism, and corporate sectors. Each of our clients produces products and events of the highest quality, and expect the same from their video and media services. We cater to growing businesses and organizations that have recognized a need to expand their reach.

  The Jack Russell of Videography